Chicken Spit

If you’re not a fan of pulled pork, perhaps it’s time to transform your hog roast machine into a brilliant multi-chicken roaster instead? Our chicken spit kit can cook up to 36 chicken a time. It can also be used to roast beef joint, pork legs and whole turkeys too. This impressive, traditionally inspired cooking gadget is striking yet easy to use, produced from slick stainless steel.

The chicken spit kit works by utilising the original spit roast kit pole and motor to rotate an impressive five arm rotisserie. This rotisserie can be viewed in action through the toughened glass window (where your guests will likely peek in too) before being lifted to the service position for carving. At this point, it’s really easy to remove each arm one-by-one to carve your meat without losing the spectacle of the set-up. Beneath the spit, use the carving tray with below burners to keep your meat warm until you dish up.

All our roasters and accessories are designed to be straightforward for even those who are new to catering.
Give us a call today to discuss this brilliant upper level cooking accessory today. We are always happy to assist and share our hog roasting knowledge.